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NOVEMBER 6, 2001

Honda takes home CART title number four

HONDA may be pulling out of CART at the end of 2002 but the company has just wrapped up its fourth Manufacturer's Championship in the American series, despite strong opposition from Ford and Toyota.

"To prevail in such a competitive series and against such strong competition makes this achievement all the more special to all of our associates," said Tom Elliott, President of Honda Performance Development. "Racing is part of the heart and soul of Honda."

The decision to withdraw from CART has left to questions as to what Honda is going to do in the future, particularly in the all-important US market. CART was the perfect place for the company to show its technical prowess and the restricted rules of the Indy Racing League make that less attractive. The NASCAR audience is not really the market that Honda is aiming for and sportscar racing remains of little importance to the general public in the US.

The conclusion drawn in F1 circles is that Honda's best course of action would be to concentrate on F1 and push for Grand Prix racing to expand its involvement in the United States.