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NOVEMBER 6, 2001

Coca-Cola extends Nordic deal

COCA-COLA EUROPE LTD. has extended its title sponsorship of the Nordic Racing Formula 3000 team for an additional two years. The team was the dominant force in International Formula 3000 this year with Justin Wilson winning the title and Tomas Enge finishing third in the series.

There have been rumors for some time that Coca-Cola is considering adding sponsorship in Formula 1 to its programs but at the moment nothing has yet been decided although there are clearly moves being discussed with a number of F1 organizations. There have even been suggestions that the Atlanta-based soft drinks company will buy into a Formula 1 team and the current problems with Prost make this the obvious choice. It helps that Prost driver Tomas Enge has enjoyed Coca-Cola backing to date.

It is worth noting that Red Bull's success in recent years has had an effect on Coca-Cola sales and now that Red Bull is targeting the American market, it is logical that Coca-Cola would try to hit back at the Austrian firm by moving into areas where Red Bull is marketing strongly. Motor racing the obvious market in this respect.