Rockingham applies for F1 test licence

THERE are only a limited number of tracks in Britain which have licences for Formula 1 testing and that has created significant problems with bookings. In an effort to meet the demand (and to make some money) Rockingham is planning to apply for the necessary clearance from the FIA to run F1 tests. The facility features a 2.5-mile road course inside the oval.

Such a deal could significantly increase Rockingham's income as F1 teams are willing to pay through the nose to get testing opportunities in Britain - even if the weather cannot be guaranteed. Paul Ricard in the south of France is also bidding for the F1 testing business while one or two teams have started looking to buy tracks in southern Europe in order to get warm weather testing whenever they want it without constantly having to fork out rental fees. This is an expensive business but in some cases the value of the real estate being purchased could make the deals justifiable.

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