Another race track for China

THERE is another new multi-million dollar motor racing facility in China. Beijing, China's capital city, is planning a circuit which will be built by a consortium of some of China's largest engineering, architectural and construction companies. The development will be built by Comp-Speed (Beijing) Ltd. The plan has been in development for three years and the city government is giving the scheme the exclusive rights to run motor races in the Beijing area.

The city has set aside 500 acres of land for the facility in the south-west of the city, adjacent to where new freeways have recently been built. The plan is to start building the 3.25-mile track in the middle of 2002. The track will feature current FIA and FIM safety and standards and will be able to host national and international car and motorcycle events.

"There are no current plans to host any specific major events and none will be made until construction is well under way," says design consultant Alan Wilson. "The project promoters recognize that the market is not ready to support major international race events at this time. Work is still needed to develop the infrastructure, organizational skills, spectator and corporate support needed to ensure that large race events will be financially feasible."

It should be pointed out, however, that Beijing is getting ready to host the 2008 Olympic Games and so all the infrastructure and supporting services that will be needed for a major event are being developed."

Wilson runs Wilson Motorsport Inc., a Denver, Colorado based company which has designed and consulted on the construction of fifteen completed race facilities since 1984 including road racing tracks in Michigan, South Carolina and Quebec, Canada. Wilson is a former director of Brands Hatch and is married to Desire, the former Aurora Formula 1 driver.

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