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OCTOBER 31, 2001

Williams and Pepsico

PEPSICO BEVERAGES INTERNATIONAL is to return to Formula 1 with its 7Up brand. The drink firm enjoyed a hugely successful deal with Jordan Grand Prix back in 1991 but has avoided being involved in the sport since then. The deal is for several years and Pepsico will use Williams in its advertising and promotional activity.

The deal is believed to be similar to that between McLaren and Schweppes with only a small branding deal but massive exposure on drinks cans around the world.

"The partnership with 7UP will help bring Formula 1 racing closer to millions of fans worldwide through promotions, events and of course, advertising," says Williams's head of marketing Jim Wright. "We feel we have one of the most focussed teams in a highly competitive sport and 7UP shares many of our same values for success."

With Red Bull making inroads into traditional soft drink markets the move is no big surprise and it is expected that there will be a similar deal eventually involving the Coca-Cola Corporation, although it remains to be seen what form this will take.