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OCTOBER 29, 2001

Williams wins and loses on F1 technical front

THE Williams F1 squad scored a victory and incurred a setback today. The positive news was that Chief Designer Gavin Fisher has signed a new long-term contract with the team while aerodynamicist Geoff Willis has taken a position as Technical Director of the British American Racing operation, although he will be remaining with the BMW Williams squad until 1 March 2002.

British American Racing's Malcolm Oastler, who will move from the post of Technical Director to Engineering Director commented; "As technical director Geoffrey will be responsible for the car's aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics programs. I will continue to develop the long-term technical strategy and will concentrate on the design, electronics and engineering functions, as well as managing relationships with key technical partners. To avoid confusion I will be called Engineering director.

"I have been conscious for some time that the job I've been trying to do here is too much for one person. At the same time we have been missing the senior technical experience that can only come from teams at the top of the Championship. Geoffrey fits the bill perfectly and I am delighted that he has agreed to join us."

This is also a major disappointment for Jaguar Racing who had made firm advances to both Willis and Fisher to join their Milton Keynes-based operation..