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OCTOBER 27, 2001

Jordan gets off the hook and takes fifth in Constructors' title

JORDAN GRAND PRIX has won its appeal against the decision by the FIA Stewards at Indianapolis. The decision by the stewards to exclude Jarno Trulli from fourth place was upheld by the FIA International Court of Appeal in Paris, on the basis that there had been a procedural error on the part of the Stewards. It was accepted that one of the three stewards was not present when the decision was made and so the decision was declared invalid and the results were returned to the original classification notwithstanding the fact that Trulli's skid block did not conform to the regulations.

The decision is embarrassment for the FIA which failed to abide by its own procedures. It was not clear which of the stewards was at fault but it is likely that there will be ramifications for the individual in question unless there is a sensible excuse given.

The decision means that Jordan ends the season with 19 points in fifth place in the Constructors' Championship while British American Racing drops to sixth place with 17 points.