Ferrari celebrates successes

THE Ferrari squad was at Monza on Sunday celebrating its twin World Championship success with its fans.

World Champion Michael Schumacher and teammate Rubens Barrichello as well as test driver Luca Badoer put on a show for the loyal Tifosi. The three drivers completed some laps as well as a pitstop before concluding with spectacular burnouts and donuts.

The new champion said, "I am happy to be here. 2001 was an extraordinary year and this party is the perfect end to it. It was a pretty tough Championship and I lived through a period when my morale took a knock, but I had time to get back on form and now I am much less tired than I was towards the end of the season".

When the subject of defending his Championship was brought up, the German responded, "For now I am only thinking about going on holiday. As for next year, we will wait and see. What I can definitely say for now is that I'm sure we will have two rivals, two teams, one silver and one blue and white".

Schumi's teammate Rubens Barrichello told reporters, "It has been a positive year. Compared with 2000, I had a greater chance of winning and I think I have shown that the team can count on me. After the Hungarian Grand Prix, I had even more support from the team and my performance improved. Now Ferrari knows that if Michael has a problem I am there for them".

The Brazilian also mentioned his newest challenge. "I'll be working at being a dad, trying to spend as much time as possible with my family. But I won't let myself go completely because being fit is so important in our sport, so I am sure I will at least play some golf. Becoming a father is great and has motivated me even more. The one big change is that, now, once the race is over, I want to hurry home to see Eduardo!"

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