Frentzen in demand

WITH Alain Prost's efforts to find finance for his team yet to be successful - and with time running out - the future of Heinz-Harald Frentzen is keeping several team bosses interested at the moment. Prost says that he wants to keep Frentzen for next year but the 34-year-old German, who has won three Grand Prix victories in recent years (with Williams and Jordan), is believed to be in the shopping list for other teams as well. Arrows would love to have the German but money is very thin on the ground at Leafield despite optimistic press statements about the future. Our spies tell us that team boss Tom Walkinshaw is worried about making ends meet and does not have the money to even think about paying a star like Frentzen.

Minardi might be another option as the team does have some money available but Frentzen may have doubts about whether the Asiatech engines are good enough.

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