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OCTOBER 19, 2001

Jaguar sells F3 team

JAGUAR RACING has sold its Formula 3 team a new consortium made up of John Uprichard of Van Diemen, Roly Vincini of P1 Motorsport and John Sweeney of Sweeney Racing. Jaguar has yet to decide what happens to its Formula 3 drivers Andre Lotterer and James Courtney but both men are believed to have contracts with Jaguar Racing at least for the next 12 months.

"We must focus one hundred per cent of our efforts into Formula 1 if we are to reach our long term target of winning races," said Jaguar Racing boss Niki Lauda. "We must respect the magnitude of the challenge that lies ahead for Jaguar Racing in Formula 1. To stand any chance of fulfilling these goals, every division of our business must be dedicated solely to Formula 1."

The Jaguar Racing F3 team lasted only one season although the team had existed since 1988 when Paul Stewart Racing was established. In the course of the 1990s PSR became the most successful F3 team ever and has won a total of 13 championship victories and 141 races.