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OCTOBER 18, 2001

Kavanagh in the spotlight

IRISHWOMAN racer Sarah Kavanagh has been in the news quite a lot since we broke the story last week suggesting that she is about to be named as the second test driver to one of the top four Grand Prix teams. Kavanagh's manager Mike Magan has confirmed that the 28-year-old racer "looks likely to join a top F1 team as a test driver for 2002" and that a number of "physical and on-track F3 and F1 evaluations have recently taken place". However it seems that Jordan is not the team with which Kavanagh is being linked. The team in question is actually McLaren.

Kavanagh has been in action in a Carlin Motorsport Formula 3 Dallara and Trevor Carlin says her performance was "extremely impressive".

Kavanagh herself says: "I've never had the money available to race a full championship of F3 or F3000, but what I have had has enabled me to race Formula 1 cars for the last 3 years, and that is what gives me the confidence to stand up and say I can drive in F1."