Mosley argues for more races outside Europe

THE newly-re-elected FIA President Max Mosley told journalists after the FIA General Assembly in Cologne, Germany that he thinks that Europe has too many races and says that he wants the World Championship to expand to cover the entire globe. Mosley said that there are talks about a second race in the United States and mentioned Moscow, China, India and three separate bids for races from the Middle East.

The latest F1 calendar has 17 races, despite the fact that in previous years the F1 teams agreed that they would have that number only on an "exceptional" basis, Mosley says he would like to see 20 events. The argument behind this is that there is too much testing and having more races would cut back on the testing. The argument against it is that teams would need to have more than one crew because the schedule would become too much. The level of testing would continue as it is and there would be a danger of overexposing the sport on television.

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