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OCTOBER 4, 2001

Formula 3000 moves closer to F1 specification

IN a very curious move the FIA has decreed that all Formula 3000 cars will now be the same size as Formula 1 cars. They will have similar suspension symmetry, cockpit sizes, wheel sizes and many of the F1 safety requirements as well. In short they will become a one-make F1-style series.

The big question is why this is being done. The old Formula 3000 was not very interesting but making the cars into underpowered F1 machines is unlikely to make much of a difference. The obvious conclusion therefore is that this is not being done for sporting reasons but rather for some kind of political motive. The obvious thing is that there will be a Junior F1 series but it is worth noting that if that is created it will present a potential rival in 2008 when the Manufacturers are threatening to start their own World Championship.

It is a nice idea but there is still no doubt that the World Championship will be considered to be where Ferrari is competing and for the moment at least Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo says that the Italian team will be doing its own thing. If the current F1 teams all defect to the planned new series the only option for the Formula One group of companies would be to try to run a series using identical F3000 cars badged as F1s.