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SEPTEMBER 25, 2001

Schumi prepares to bring 'joy' in the US

THE Schumacher brothers' manager Willi Weber has explained the apparent reticence of his drivers to race either in Italy two weeks ago or in the forthcoming US Grand Prix.

Neither brother particularly had their minds on the job in hand at Monza, and as the world waits for the military response to the terrorist attacks on American soil that were believed to have been the work of Arab extremists, that situation is unlikely to be changed at Indy.

Weber told the German newspaper BILD that: "It was the first time in both their lives that they had experienced such a horrible thing. We older ones saw the wrongs of World War 2. But Michael and Ralf have never experienced such pictures in real life. They are another generation. It is not easy for either of them to process."

Although Michael Schumacher is understood to have been given the option of stepping down from the number 1 Ferrari to let test driver Luca Badoer take over in both Italy and the US, having sealed the 2001 world championship, Weber insists that he is however ready to perform for the remainder of the season.

"Here we should be honest: Due to the events for both of them the joy in driving has gone for the moment. Michael asked itself whether by participating and driving he could bring joy to people in their living rooms."