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SEPTEMBER 23, 2001

Cars, equipment en route to US

THE Formula 1 teams equipment is on the way to Indianapolis, finally squashing any lingering rumors that the US Grand Prix will be cancelled. The FIA confirmed that most of the team's cars and equipment left from Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, the only European facility with a big enough x-ray machine to check all the freight.

Ferrari, however, sent their equipment from Malpensa airport in Milan, "after a correspondingly rigorous examination", says the FIA.

If all goes to plan, the equipment should be available in Indianapolis on Tuesday so that the mechanics can get the cars ready for first practice on Friday.

The biggest obstacle the teams face now, as Minardi will confirm, is getting their personal to Indianapolis. Minardi has run into problems getting visas for some members of the team because of the increased security measures put in place after the terrorist attacks in the US.

It is assumed that the teams will have to deal with similar obstacles when leaving the United States.