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SEPTEMBER 20, 2001

Ralf will race in the USGP

DESPITE his reservations about the running of the event, Ralf Schumacher will climb aboard the number 5 Williams at Indianapolis and compete in the US Grand Prix. Both the Schumacher brothers have expressed some concern about travelling to America in the wake of last week's terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, Ralf himself describing his objection to racing in no uncertain terms.

It is believed that Michael Schumacher was given the option to race at Indianapolis, but that the sport's governing body would have moved to keep him on the sidelines in Japan as a result. "The team is allowed to change the No 1 driver once in a season," said FIA president Max Mosley, hinting that if Schumacher opted out of Indy he was opting out of the rest of the season.

Younger brother Ralf has received no such official encouragement to race, but has also evidently had a change of heart. "I'll drive. There's no question about that at all," he said. This means that all the Formula 1 community is on course for Indianapolis in a race that many believe will be an important show of solidarity with America.

Said Jordan driver Jarno Trulli: "We have to show to everybody that we are together with the USA, that we are all together in the whole world. Formula One is a sport and all sport is also a way to show somehow that the whole world doesn't have to stop. We still have to carry on, we have to take care of what is happening but we can't stop otherwise the people that attacked the USA will have won their battle and we cannot let this happen."