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SEPTEMBER 18, 2001

Top security at Indy to allay F1 fears

THE organizers of the US Grand Prix at Indianapolis are sparing no efforts to ensure that the elaborate security measures they have in place will allay concerns of the visiting F1 fraternity and spectators alike.

The speedway authorities have made it clear that they have a comprehensive security plan for all their events, created with the full cooperation from the Indiana state authorities and local law enforcement agencies. A thorough review of that process is currently underway with all the appropriate authorities.

Indianapolis has also made it clear that a full complement of law enforcement personnel will be on hand over race weekend, working with speedway officials on security measures.

"Every top official involved with the organization of Formula One, including FIA President Max Mosley and Bernie Ecclestone, has indicated that the U.S. Grand Prix will continue as scheduled," said Tony George, Indianapolis Motor Speedway President and CEO.

"While we are very saddened by recent events, we continue to plan and work for what we expect will be a successful, exciting event.

"President Bush has urged Americans and the world to proceed with everyday life, and we are doing so with deep respect for those affected by last week's tragedies."

Among other major-league American sports, Major League Baseball, the National Football League and college football each will have resumed their schedules for nearly two weeks when the United States Grand Prix takes place.