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SEPTEMBER 14, 2001

Mosley gives US GP green light

MAX MOSLEY, the FIA president, has said he believes it should be business as usual when it comes to the United States grand prix at Indianapolis on 30 September, despite this week's terrorist attacks.

"The reality of the situation is that people are now in two categories, those who can do something for the victims or help find the perpetrators, and the rest of us who can't," he said.

"It is our job to get on with things at the present time and not give in to terrorists. If Wall Street can open within a few days of such a tragedy then I think we can continue our business. I don't believe we would should be intimidated by these people. It is the right thing to do to continue with the American race."

Mosley's sentiments were echoed by Sir Jackie Stewart who is currently holidaying in Aspen, Colorado. "I think it is the correct decision to go ahead with the race," he said.

"We have two more weeks before Indianapolis and an event which will be seen on television in 202 countries will send the message that the USA is back in business. It will be the biggest sporting event to take place in the USA since the catastrophe."