FIA says races to go ahead

THE international automobile federation has decided that the Italian and United States Grands Prix will go ahead as planned. The decision was taken as soon as FIA President Max Mosley could be contacted after spending most of the night on a flight back to Europe from Peru.

The FIA is not the only sport to have decided to go ahead with events, the British Football league having decided that tonight's Worthington Cup soccer matches will go ahead. The football clubs involved have been instructed to hold a minute's silence and to have the players wearing black armbands to pay tribute to those who have died in the United States.

But in the United States of America sport has virtually stopped with horse races, baseball games and college football games all cancelled. The PGA Tour has also delayed the start of the World Golf Championship in St. Louis.

The decision by the FIA is not a surprise as there are no major practical reasons for the race to be cancelled although the ban on executive jets may cause some troubles for the F1 team bosses. The FIA says that for the moment the United States GP will go ahead but this decision may be altered in the days ahead.

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