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SEPTEMBER 12, 2001

Team principals to meet at Monza to discuss Indianapolis

THE Formula 1 team principals are due to meet tomorrow at Monza although the meeting is likely to be disrupted because of the ban currently in place on all private aviation in Britain. Only specially-authorized private flights are currently allowed in UK airspace, although this ban may be lifted by the end of the day. If the meeting does take place, however, the main item on the agenda will be whether or not Formula 1 wants to go to race in the United States as the security of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is worrying if one considers the possibility of an aerial attack on the race track. Around 200,000 people are expected to be gathered in a very limited area and it is possible that the race will have to be called off until the current emergency is over and new security measures for airlines have been agreed.

The International Air Transport Association has asked its members to tighten security procedures. At the moment all flights from Europe to North America have been cancelled and all US airports remain closed. There is also talk of a completely new visa system for entry in the United States which would throw the race into chaos despite the fact that it is still two and a half weeks away.

There is also going to be some pressure on Formula 1 to cancel the Italian Grand Prix as the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) called off all this week's remaining Champions League and UEFA Cup matches as a "mark of respect" to the victims of yesterday's terrorist attacks in the United States.