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SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

Burti gets out of hospital

LUCIANO BURTI has been released from the University Hospital in Liege and is returning to his home in Monaco but the Prost driver will not be racing at Monza this weekend, doctors advising him that it would better if he sat out the event and concentrate on getting back to full fitness after his huge accident at Spa two weeks ago.

"I'll be back racing and if I have a competitive car, I'll show the world what Luciano Burti is made of," the Brazilian said, making an oblique reference to stories that he will not be racing again.

The decision not to race at Monza was taken by Burti and the team has decided to replace him for the event with Tomas Enge.

"I can only approve his decision to wait a little bit more before coming back in the car," said Alain Prost. "I hope to welcome him back in the very near future, even if at the moment we still do not know how long it is going to be. Despite the sad circumstances, we can call ourself very lucky as Luciano is on the way to recover totally from his accident."