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Premier 1 chases Avon rubber

THE proposed Formula 1-style race series Premier 1 Grand Prix is understood to be chasing a supply of control tires from Avon.

The deal makes sense for the one-make Formula 1 rival whose field of 24 identical Judd-powered Dallara chassis will each receive backing from senior soccer clubs throughout the world. Avon currently supplies control tires to the FIA Formula 3000 championship and FIA Thoroughbred Grand Prix Championship as well as the British Formula 3 and Formula Ford championships, and is well equipped to be able to supply a control tire for a high speed, high downforce series.

Although only Portuguese club Benfica has committed to fielding a Premier 1 car to date there was much talk at the Belgian Grand Prix of the leading Belgian soccer club Anderlecht joining the fray with promising F3000 driver Bas Leinders at the wheel, although Leinders has said that he is pushing for a Formula 1 test drive.

Premier 1 Grand Prix cars have also been shown in the liveries of AC Milan, Juventus, Diportivo, Barcelona and Leeds United soccer clubs, and the first event is due to take place a week after next summer's soccer World Cup final on July 7, going head-to-head with the British Grand Prix.