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AUGUST 26, 2001

Coulthard seeks another shot in 2002

AFTER battling against disappointment and dehydration in Hungary last weekend, David Coulthard has bounced back to declare himself the man most likely to turn the tide against Ferrari and Michael Schumacher in 2002.

"It doesn't come down to one individual failing, it's all of us," he said of this year's campaign, which saw his early-season victories and increasing consistency behind the wheel let-down by the McLaren's inability to get off the line after the introduction of driver aids such as launch control.

"Naturally the focus now the championships are gone will go to next year's car and the goal has to be to provide the drivers with something, which gives us a car advantage. In the absence of that, then give us something, which is equal.

"If you want to pick it apart there's no question that Michael deserves the championship and he's been consistently fast, made good use of what he's had and hasn't made any mistakes. I think you can't take that away from him or Ferrari: they've performed and we just go back to the drawing board.

With questions being raised over team-mate Mika Hakkinen's ability to maintain his motivation - and even if he is to remain a part of Formula 1 in 2002 - Coulthard has not been slow to point out his own improvements this season, marked by his stunning victory in Brazil and pole position in Monaco, beating Michael Schumacher both strategically and in outright pace.

"I'm obviously pleased that personally I've performed at a higher level and that gives me a lot of confidence... I believe I represent the best option for McLaren," he explained. ""I feel pretty confident about that so we'll just have to wait because the team has options."