Mud-slinging in Texas

TWO of Formula 1's best-known names: Ford and Bridgestone have been in dispute over a series of accidents when Firestone tires on Ford Explorer sports utility vehicles exploded last year. The tire failures have been linked to a total of 203 fatal accidents and the two companies are blaming one another.

The relationship is so bad now that all business between them has been stopped. The first law suit between victims and Bridgestone-Firestone opened this week in Texas and the Bridgestone lawyers have wasted no time in attacking Ford. The car company has already reached an out-of-court settlement with Dr. Joel Rodriguez but he is still pursuing Bridgestone-Firestone.

In his original law suit against Ford Rodriguez claimed 25 different faults with the Ford Explorer and Bridgestone's lawyers were quick to use this as a means of defence.

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