Poor old Bobby

JAGUAR RACING team boss Bobby Rahal went back to the United States over the weekend to keep an eye on his CART team. At the last event Kenny Brack and Max Papis collided, the accident meaning that Brack was unable to score any points to support his challenge for the CART title.

But at Mid-Ohio last weekend it happened again when Brack and Papis collided when the Italian tried to pass the Swede. Papis went into the side of his team mate and Brack was punted into a tire wall. Papis retired as a result of the crash but Brack was able to continue but was three laps at the finish. Brack's 22 point advantage in the series was cut to just one by the strong performance of Penske Racing's Helio Castroneves.

Rahal is obviously beginning to run shorty of patience with his drivers. He described Papis's maneuver as "inexcusable" and there is already speculation that at the end of the year Max will be out as his three-year deal with the team will have run out. Brack's contract is also up for renewal.

Papis said that he thought that Brack was letting him through and said that he was "very surprised" when Brack turned into the corner. Brack said he had no idea that Papis was even trying to pass him...

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