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AUGUST 2, 2001

National club refutes FIA threat to British Grand Prix

BRITAINS national motorsports authority, the MSA, has denied that direct threats have been made by the FIA to drop the British grand prix from the 2002 formula one world championship calendar.

"This is a load of nonsense, there has been no letter threatening such sanctions," said Colin Wilson, the communications director of the MSA.

However, it is clear that the Silverstone round of the title chase will attract further detailed scrutiny at October's FIA world motorsport council meeting as this year's event was initially only included on the championship schedule as a provisional event.

The sport's governing body only confirmed the race's date last month after receiving assurances from the promoters that steps to reduce the legendary Silverstone traffic jams had been successfully put in place.

However, although most people agree that the traffic flow this year was much better, the FIA will definitely be pressing Silverstone to ensure further improvements in 2002.

It is hoped that access will be dramatically improved if he new Silverstone bypass is finished in time for next year's race, but delays to the civil engineering work caused by the recent outbreaks of foot and mouth disease could make its completion by next July touch and go.