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JULY 30, 2001

The Toyota testing issue rumbles on

TOYOTA's decision to go testing during the autumn Formula 1 testing ban continues to cause discontent amongst the other Formula 1 teams. At the moment the teams have informed the FIA that they will not accept if Toyota tests. The FIA has informed Toyota that testing is not acceptable and Toyota has said that it does not believe it is bound by any agreements before January 1 2002.

This arrogant attitude could land Toyota in big trouble because the Formula 1 teams are in a position to vote - if they choose to do so - to exclude Toyota from the World Championship next year if the company refuses to abide by the rules. It will take unanimous agreement between the 11 teams but it is not impossible. If there is not unanimous agreement the likely result will be that other teams will simply announce that they do not intend to stick to any testing ban and so there will then be testing throughout the autumn.

The onus at the moment is on the FIA to bring Toyota to order but if Toyota's refusal to budge continues there will be action, probably when the F1 team bosses meet Max Mosley at the Italian GP in September.