Arrows to use Cosworth V10 engines

ARROWS has finally announced that the team has signed a deal to use Cosworth V10 engines next season - as we first reported six weeks ago. The deal was agreed some weeks ago but we believe that part of the agreement involved downpayments and our spies say that the deadlines had been missed by the team which almost caused the deal to fall through at the last moment.

The agreement was announced this afternoon by Arrows team principal Tom Walkinshaw and Jaguar Premier Performance Division chief executive Niki Lauda, and is for two seasons starting next year.

Niki Lauda said, "This deal with Arrows is the first real product of what the Premier Performance Division is all about. In addition to Jaguar Racing, my responsibilities with the Premier Performance Division involve putting in place the building blocks to enable Cosworth Racing and Pi Research to realize their full potential and to work together to best effect. Some people might question whether we should be supplying engines to other teams until Jaguar Racing starts winning races, but you mustn't forget the fact that Cosworth Racing do nothing else but racing - that is their sole business - unlike other engine manufacturers in Formula One who have not always specialized in the art of engineering F1 engines. This goes quite some way to explaining why these companies are reluctant to supply more than one team. In this case, I firmly believe that its a way to move forward at a greater pace. In 1993, for example, Cosworth Racing supplied both Benetton and McLaren and I believe that the performance level of both the engine and the teams improved dramatically, culminating in Benetton winning the 1994 Formula One World Championship."

Tom Walkinshaw said, "We're delighted to have forged a partnership with the Premier Performance Division and its core companies, namely, Cosworth Racing and Pi Research. If you want to compete at the top level of Formula One these days it is essential to have a deal with a manufacturer as, even with the best aerodynamics and engineering in the world, you cannot compete against the top teams if you are down on power. The Cosworth V10 is superbly engineered and has proven its credentials so we are looking forward to racing the new Orange Arrows A23 in 2002 with renewed relish."

Cosworth will supply the team with this years CR-3 engine, currently in use by Jaguar.

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