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JULY 28, 2001

Blundell's US return?

MARK BLUNDELL, former F1 driver and Champ Car winner with PacWest is seeking a competitive return to the USA - potentially in the NASCAR Winston Cup.

After only netting a drive in the MG Le Mans squad this year the Englishman is hungry for more race miles, and even though he has been mentioned in connection to a test drive at Jaguar it seems that the 35-year-old may yet prefer to try his hand at a new discipline.

Not since the Australian touring car men Geoff Brabham and Dick Johnson joined the series has a non-north American attempted to join the series, but Blundell appears undaunted by the Good ol' Boys of NASCAR.

"There is a deal on offer to test," he said. "If I was offered a drive for next year I would consider it. I have been in the USA for five years and I know what a huge spectacle NASCAR is. It would be fantastic to get an English guy in there with the European ovals opening up new opportunities for the future."