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JULY 27, 2001

Minardi may not use upgrades

EUROPEAN MINARDI will not run the latest modifications to the PS01's aerodynamic package at Hockenheim, the team has revealed.

The improvements include a slimmer and lighter titanium gearbox, new rear suspension geometry, new floor and diffuser, new sidepods, engine cover, and revised aerodynamic detailing but, following last week's testing at Monza, it was felt that the new package was in need of refinement before it could be deployed.

Team leader Fernando Alonso was still hopeful that parts of the package if not the whole thing might yet earn a reprieve for the race, as his frustration at being able to race only against himself as the other cars develop is starting to show. "It would be ideal if we could get it ready for this Grand Prix because these last few races I haven't been able to get competitive however much I try," he said.