F3000 leaders gain new sponsor

THE strongest team so far in the FIA Formula 3000 Championship, Nordic Racing, has secured another novel means of sponsorship - this time through The Bauer Partnership, a financial institution.

Already boasting possibly the most sought-after branding in sport - that of Coca-Cola - by means of the soft drink giant's east European marketing arm, the British team, whose drivers Justin Wilson and Tomas Enge are first and third in the championship, has followed up with the new deal based on equity investment.

Ronald Bauer, founder and CEO of The Bauer Partnership, said: "We were attracted to Nordic not only because of its current performance in the championship but also by the way in which its high profile sponsors have been activated by the team's management. Formula 3000 is truly an untapped marketplace at the moment. We will continue to look at other investment opportunities in F3000 and motorsport in general."

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