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JULY 23, 2001

Ecclestone gives tacit approval to Moscow F1 plans

FORMULA 1 promotional supremo Bernie Ecclestone has spoken out in favor of the circuit currently under preparation on the Nagatino floodlands near Moscow.

"Moscow is ready now for Formula One," he said. "I am convinced that the first race there will be held within the next two years. My last visit to Moscow was 10 years ago, now I barely recognize the city - the changes are enormous.

"This, of course, is good for Russia," he continued, "and even better for the Formula One organization. It will be a great show."

Of course Ecclestone's endorsement of Moscow as a place fitting for Formula 1 does not necessarily mean that his endorsement goes to the circuit development itself. Ecclestone is notoriously careful with his words, and there will be much work required to pass Formula 1's rigorous demands on the island in Nagatino.