Dennis on the Toyota menace

MCLAREN boss Ron Dennis has reacted angrily to Toyota's bid to circumvent the post-season testing ban.

As a cost cutting measure, the FIA has brought in a blanket ban on track testing beginning on October 14 and lasting until December 1, which bars all current entrants from getting extra miles on components for their 2002 challengers.

Toyota, however, has said that as it is not a current competitor and that it agreed to join the Formula 1 trail before the rule was brought in, so they feel are at liberty to go testing.

Toyota's attitude has brought a spiky response from Dennis, who said: "If, as it seems, the rules allow them to do it then let them get on with it. But it certainly shows a distinct lack of fair play, and it has got nothing to do with the fierce but loyal spirit of competition I expect from teams in Formula One."

Dennis added a little low blow to the nascent outfit in his fit of pique, saying: "In any case, Toyota cannot at the moment be considered a potential rival to McLaren, so what they do doesn't interest me a great deal."

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