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JULY 5, 2001

Webber wants 2002 race drive

AUSTRALIAN Mark Webber has said that he wants a race drive in 2002 despite signing a "multi-year deal" with Renault.

Webber is currently Benetton official test driver and the team said on Wednesday that Webber would continue in the role next year.

But the 24-year-old driver has said that his future for next season is not sorted and said that he deal with Renault could result in a drive elsewhere.

"Renault have taken up my driving services next year," said Webber. "But what I do next year has not been decided yet. We have a great relationship, they have just taken up the option and it is great."

Renault will take over Benetton at the end of the year, and although Webber denied there was a chance of a seat at the team in 2002, he knows there is a chance of Renault placing him somewhere else on the grid.

"I'd like to hope so," he said when asked if he will be racing in 2002. "I am ready for next year. I am doing a good job in testing and in Formula 3000 but as far as next year goes, it will start happening now."

Renault could supply a second engine to another team in 2002, and Webber's contract with the French manufacturer will certainly help him if they do take that route.