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JULY 4, 2001

Williams looking to 2002 already

FRANK WILLIAMS, boss of Formula One's resurgent Williams team has given up hope of a challenge for this year's championship, but believes the squad is well set for success in 2002.

With Ralf Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya the team has a quality driver line-up and as BMW becomes more and more competitive, Williams has targeted the title next year.

"The big target is to be in great shape to start a serious challenge on the championship next season," Williams said. "We are not looking at any championships this year, we are looking at things race-by-race."

The last championship Williams won was in 1997 with Jacques Villeneuve, but Williams is not looking to compare now to then, or to the early nineties when Nigel Mansell powered the team to glory.

"I wouldn't say it is that similar because we have won two races this season, maybe it would have been more had we have had some luck.

"In 1991 we won seven races and if Nigel (Mansell) had not lost his concentration on the last lap it would have been eight races - I'm playing it down because I don't want comparisons."