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JULY 2, 2001

Villeneuve considers alternative options

JACQUES VILLENEUVE has admitted that he is considering alternative options should he be forced to leave British American Racing at the end of the season.

The Canadian, who has scored points in just two races so far this year, said that while he is expecting to remain with the Brackley-based team, he is retaining an open mind about his future in Formula One.

"I am looking very seriously at what is happening everywhere. You always have to prepared just in case," Villeneuve said. "But that doesn't mean that I am leaving.

"It is always good to know what is happening everywhere, so unless you are 100 per cent blocked or have decided to stay then you need to know what is happening everywhere."

BAR are currently down in sixth place in the constructors' championship and Villeneuve is aware that changes may be made at a higher level if things do not improve.

He added: "You need to cover your back and that is very important. As far as I know we are together for next year, and unless something happens it will not change. It is not a matter of deciding, it's a matter of something happening that would then force me to decide to change."