Bridgestone staying for good

BRIDGESTONE have today confirmed they will remain a tire supplier in Formula One indefinitely.

Bridgestone's entered the Formula One scene in 1997 and have now committed themselves to Formula One for the future.

Bridgestone have faced stiff competition this year through Michelin but have welcomed the rivalry and say they will welcome more tire manufactures.

The commitment from the tire suppliers is a massive boost for Formula One and Shigeo Watanabe, President and Chairman of Bridgestone, cites the success of certain drivers as the reason behind their decision.

"Our Formula One involvement is extremely valuable and important to our company's global goal," said Watanabe.

"Since we joined Formula One in 1997, not only have we captured three world championships but also out brand awareness has dramatically increased all over the world.

"Michael Schumacher is leading the championship for Bridgestone and the other top three drivers are also on our tires.

"In the future, more car manufacturers will be involved in Formula One and we believe the number of tire manufacturers will increase also. This will enhance further the profile of our business once again.

"Bridgestone will continue its involvement in Formula One for as long as possible."

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Stories: JULY 1, 2001