Villeneuve critical of Schumacher move

CANADIAN Jacques Villeneuve has criticized rival Michael Schumacher for his start tactics, which he claims are not in the spirit of the law.

Schumacher moved across on his brother Ralf at the start of last weekend's European Grand Prix, pushing him very close to the pit wall, and Villeneuve does not believe that is the way to drive in Formula One.

The rules allow one change of direction to maintain position in the field at the start of a race, but Villeneuve stressed that Schumacher is abiding to the letter of the law despite his criticism of the actions.

"I just saw pictures, but when I saw them I could imagine the positions of the two cars and how the rest of the start would have been," Villeneuve said.

"I was just surprised because it was Ralf on the other side. But that is how we have seen Michael do most of the starts in the last three or four years.

"Nobody seems to think it is bad. It is a good example of following to the letter what is written in the regulation book, even though it is not following the spirit of what was written."

The Canadian, who was involved in the infamous collision with Michael Schumacher at Jerez in the 1997 title decider, warned that the German is setting a bad example to youngsters in the sport.

"Other drivers in motor racing look at Formula One and the guy who is winning," he added. "That is the example that is being followed but I think that we are bored of bringing it up."

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