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JUNE 29, 2001

Michelin dispute cold problem

MICHELIN motorsport manager Pierre Dupasquier has disputed some reports that his company's tires do not perform as well in cold conditions.

Williams' Ralf Schumacher is just one driver that has hinted in the past that the Michelin rubber does not perform in the colder climates.

But Dupasquier does not agree with this theory, and said: "Very frankly speaking, I can't understand this.

"I don't understand why. When I hear that, I ask 'do you have an example of a cold race where Michelin isn't good?' and they answer 'No' - that's it.

"We have done a very poor performance in the cold, rainy time at Imola on Saturday morning, very poor - but that was rain, cold rain, not only cold."

Michelin has far surpassed their original expectations for this season having taken two victories with Williams in the nine races so far.