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JUNE 28, 2001

Asiatech remain tight-lipped

THE future of Asiatech engines remained uncertain on Thursday as the company remained tight-lipped as to who they will supply next season.

Asiatech have confirmed they will split with the Arrows team after this season and despite links to joining up with Prost the company are not yet prepared to confirm their future.

All Asiatech boss Enrique Scalabroni could reveal was that they are currently analyzing their direction and will make an announcement "shortly."

"You can count the number of teams with the fingers on your hand," said Scalabroni. "The names are there and we need to see which is the best operation to do, what we have at the moment and what the teams have."

When asked about concerns that Asiatech might not even supply a team on the grid next year, Scalabroni retorted: "I am not worried about anything. That is the financial exercise, that is not in my job and this needs to be decided by the people in Asia.

"John Gano (company president) will not be present at this race because he is flying tonight to Asia to talk with the main people in the group.

"With them, we need to explain exactly the situation and it is up to them to take the decision.

"It is not a technical decision, it is not my business. It is a matter of the future development of the company that we enter with and with the teams that we are working."