Symonds criticizes 'whole package'

BENETTON's director of engineering Pat Symonds has said the team's run of bad form cannot be blamed on one single component.

Benetton have scored just one championship point this season and have languished at the back of the grid since the start of the year when they introduced a revolutionary new Renault engine.

"Until you are continually on poles and winning races, the whole package is not good enough. We really need to get everything working," said Symonds.

"There's not one area we can single out and say this is where the car is defective. But the whole package needs to be improved and I think that's pretty obvious to everyone."

Symonds said that the team expect a major improvement in performance in Magny-Cours at the French Grand Prix next weekend when he believes the potential of the engine will be unleashed.

"You don't suddenly dream up something overnight," added Symonds. "Like all cars, we're continually developing it but certainly at Magny-Cours we have got some developments on the engine that have come together in quite a nice little package.

"There are some aerodynamic developments coming along as there are at every race, but we are hoping for a reasonable improvement in the engine for the next race."

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