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JUNE 17, 2001

De la Rosa counting on further developments

SPANIARD Pedro de la Rosa is looking forward to further improvements to his Jaguar R2 before next weekend's European Grand Prix, but believes his team are suffering with poor facilities.

Jaguar introduced a major aerodynamic development to their cars at the Monaco Grand Prix, and although the developments are not as significant this time around, De la Rosa knows every little helps.

However, the Milton Keynes-based squad do not yet have their own wind tunnel and have to make the best of the Swift wind tunnel in America and the use of Southampton University's facility.

"Our job is made even harder by having a wind tunnel in California," admitted De la Rosa. "But if it was easy to make big aerodynamic gains, everybody would be fighting for P1.

"We still lack the pace that we need to fight harder, but the aero guys couldn't be working any harder than they are right now and we should make further gains for this race - although the gains will be marginal as opposed to significant."

After a very lean spell at the start of the year, the team saw the first stage of aerodynamic improvements help them to a podium place in Monaco, and they are looking to continue their run of two points scoring races in a row next weekend.