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JUNE 16, 2001

Stewart delighted with knighthood

FORMER Formula One star Jackie Stewart has been given the honor of a British knighthood in the Queen's birthday honours on Saturday.

Stewart scored three world championships in the late 1960s and early 1970s driving for Ken Tyrrell first under the Matra banner and then for the Tyrrell operation itself.

And despite selling his own Stewart Grand Prix team to Jaguar in 1999 he remains active in motor racing as the president of the British Racing Drivers' club.

One of his major impacts is in the improvement of safety in motorsport, and already member of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) he was delighted to be further recognized with a knighthood.

"I am very proud at receiving the knighthood in recognition of my career as a racing driver," said Stewart. "And I hope that some of this may have to do with my business activities since I retired.

"In my career I am particularly proud of the creation of the Stewart/Ford Formula One racing team and the success it achieved in its short lifetime.

"I am also proud of my activities to make motor racing safer, and for the future, my role as President of the British Racing Drivers' club offers great potential at a time when motorsport is exploring exciting new plans that will be to the benefit of the sport, the industry and the nation."

The ever-courteous Scot, who has always had a close friendship with members of the royal family, was also quick to thank the people who helped him during the nine year long career as a driver which allowed him to continue in motor racing for so long.

"I know the contribution of others to my career and I wish to share the moment especially with (former team boss) Ken Tyrrell and with all the mechanics and engineers with whom I have worked throughout my career."