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JUNE 16, 2001

Rahal building strength from within

JAGUAR team boss Bobby Rahal says he is happy with his current staff despite pushing to strengthen his design team with McLaren technical director Adrian Newey.

American Rahal believed he had signed Newey to help create a winning team from August 2002, but although McLaren fought back and kept hold of their man Rahal did not rule out swoops for other big names in the future.

"We had to have an organization before we could take advantage of a talent like Michael Schumacher or Adrian Newey, or what have you," said Rahal.

"And we will continue to push to get the best possible people from the outside, to bring up people in the best fashion we can because we have got to do that."

However, he assured his present team that they are very much in the future plan for Jaguar and that nurturing them is the only way the team will move forward.

He added: "To have the depth we have got to grow from within - we can't rely on the outside world all the time.

"The guys know that I am very pleased with what is going on in the aero department, I have a lot of faith in Steve Nichols, and this (Newey signing) was just going to be an addition.

"I am quite happy with the people we have, and with other people who are coming on board, but because we are in a rush we have to try and get the best talent from outside as well."