Irvine skips test due to neck injury

EDDIE IRVINE will not test for Jaguar this week after a neck injury prevented him from testing at Silverstone on Tuesday.

Irvine, who is not expected to miss the European Grand Prix, pulled out of the three-day test after complaining of neck pains which he originally suffered in Monaco two weeks ago.

"I felt a pain in my neck at the race in Monaco," Irvine said. "The pain was addressed afterwards and up until now it had been fine.

"But because of the hectic schedule we've had over the past few weeks it had a complete period of rest from race and test activities.

"The G-forces loaded up to the extent that it felt like a knife going through my neck - I had to stop. I'll be resting for the next few days but I'll be back for the Nurburgring."

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