Head shoulders blame with Montoya for Williams' nightmare

WILLIAMS' technical director Patrick Head has attempted to explain the bad form of Juan Pablo Montoya after he crashed out on lap 20 of yet another Grand Prix in Canada.

Montoya lost control of the back end of his car on a corner during the Canadian Grand Prix, renewing speculation about the joint reliability of both the car and the driver.

This leaves new driver Montoya with the Spanish Grand Prix as his only race finish this season. But Head supported the Colombian driver and said he and the team must work together to improve reliability.

"I think he felt that something unusual happened on the car and when the car comes back we will be looking at all the components and the tires," said Head.

"Juan needs finishes and needs points and we've both got to concentrate to make sure that happens.

"It is a serious concern but there has been a lot of unreliability and he has had some accidents so between us we have got to clean our act up and make sure we get some results from now on."

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