Irvine unhappy with Michelins in Canada weekend

EDDIE IRVINE expressed his disappointment with his Jaguar's Michelin tires during the Canadian Grand Prix weekend, which ended with him crashing out on the second lap of the race.

Irvine collided with Nick Heidfeld as he tried to overtake the Sauber driver but despite the winner of the race, Ralf Schumacher, being on Michelin tires Irvine was not so sure of their effectiveness after qualifying.

"I think the Michelin hasn't been as good here as it has been at other circuits," said Irvine. "The car in Monaco had a good tire advantage over Bridgestone, but here it is slightly the other way.

"I knew this was going to be tough, that's why after Monaco I wasn't singing and dancing. We didn't get anywhere near the best the car could do but still it wouldn't be impressive. We are not this bad and at Monaco we were not that good."

Eddie accepted "two-thirds" of the blame for the crash with Heidfeld as he took both drivers out in trying to overtake early in the race.

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