Coulthard not nuts about Canada

DAVID COULTHARD has revealed that he had a problem with his McLaren car before the start of the Canadian Grand Prix and was considering withdrawal until an engine blow-out made the decision for him.

Coulthard, who was running fourth when he retired on lap 55 with his Mercedes-Benz engine smoking, said he found a stray nut in the cockpit of his car on the start grid and was worried then that the car would not hold out.

"I leant down between my legs and prodded a large nut on the seat of my car," said Coulthard. "I knew then I had a problem. I threw it (the nut) over the pit wall before the race. I could not start quickly or race fast, but it's just part of a Grand Prix season.

"The car was pulling to the left and there was no spring on that side. It was too late to do anything. I knew we had to carry on and it was a day for battling through.

"As the race progressed it got worse but I discussed it with the team and decided to carry on for some points. But with 14 laps left the engine let go and that was it."

Coulthard was naturally disappointed to lose points in his quest for the championship but he took the time after the race to praise the Williams team, who won the race through Ralf Schumacher.

He added: "It was good conditions for Williams, they did a good job and deserved to win."

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