Rival drivers warned with ban by FIA

FIA race director Charlie Whiting has warned rival drivers Juan Pablo Montoya and Jacques Villeneuve that they will face a two-race ban should their bitter feud continue.

The two drivers traded insults and then virtually scrapped when Villeneuve accused the Colombian newcomer Montoya of blocking drivers throughout the season.

In a practice session Montoya clipped Villeneuve's British American Racing car that sparked an ugly war of words at a driver's briefing between the two drivers.

However Whiting has warned both drivers that the feud must be put to a stop and that a ban will be enforced should it continue.

Whiting said: "I have spoken to both drivers and have told them that if there is any more of this kind of little incident from one or both of them then they will be watching the next two races from the outside."

Both drivers will also be spoken to by FIA vice president Bernie Ecclestone, who has warned that the situation must now stop.

Ecclestone added: "I have already spoken to Jacques. Now I have to speak to Montoya before the situation escalates."

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