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JUNE 7, 2001

Steering a problem for Irvine

EDDIE IRVINE is hoping he and his Jaguar Racing team can solve a recurring steering problem on the R2 before Sunday's Canadian Grand Prix.

Irvine is in high spirits after finishing third in the last round in Monaco, with a new aerodynamic package on the R2. But the steering problem is threatening to stall his improving season.

"The car handling was good in Monaco but we have a problem that we had last year and at every race this year," said Irvine. "There's a problem with the steering that makes it very difficult to drive.

"It happens in qualifying sometimes and it seemed to have happened in the race in Monaco. It happened last year.

"It's cost me qualifying positions on other circuits as well so we have to go try and figure that out. But the tires were very good and the engine has performed great."

Irvine and team-mate Pedro de la Rosa will work on their steering systems during the practice sessions at Montreal and hope that the problem can be rectified before the race on Sunday.